leather ipad portfolio case

Unique place that leather ipad portfolio case can be rotated 360 degrees three- stand design , from its detachable back cover 360 degrees shaft mechanism , through a circular hollow shaft occlusal design , solid and tight in the PV-01 iPad protective frame connections. Whether it is video , reading books, playing games or typing , enjoy videos are easy.

The leather ipad portfolio case using a strong sense of delicate leather as leather surface , less mottled too nostalgic flavor, more than a few simple fashion sense . Surface feels smooth and soft and not a single line , first-class comfort . Lined with microfiber velvet , supple feel fine slippery , slip and effective protection of the iPad screen .

Vintage real leather ipad portfolio case interior layout is divided into left and right sides , the left part of the bracket plate can be opened , the main play a supportive role . There is a small slot bracket board can be used to put the bank card or bus card , very humane and caring . The other part is used to fix the hand and iPad spring elastic band, will be on hand to bring the spring , the state can play a supporting grip without effort , thereby reducing fatigue caused by prolonged gripping iPad chance of accidentally falling .

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